Mediterranean gourmet Catalog 2024

Welcome to the innovative advertising platform Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog!


It is created for advertising high quality food and beverages from the countries of the Mediterranean Sea and Bulgaria. Also, it represents the benefits from the daily usage of The Mediterranean Diet for the health.

We are proud to advertise internationally prestigious Mediterranean and Bulgarian products with unique taste, preserved traditional methods of production & innovation with the Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog Editions. Additionally, we organize Gourmet events, promoting our catalog participants, art & premium lifestyle.

Our subscribers & members of the Gourmet Club are delighted to receive newsletters with new gourmet suggestions for their Mediterranean cruise on their own table, as well as the exclusive Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog before everyone else.


Enjoy a first-class gourmet cruise!


Gourmet Club

Our subscribers are delighted to receive newsletters with new gourmet product suggestions for their clients, as well as the annual Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog Editions.

With Gourmet Club the Mediterranean is close!

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