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Pietrantonj Pecorino D’Abruzzo I.G.T.
THE PRODUCER : Italo Pietrantonj
Region: Abruzzo
Denomination: Pecorino IGT
Grape-variety: 100% Pecorino
Alcohol: 13%
Vintage: 2018
Harvest time: End of September – first ten days of October
Production: Gentle pressing of the clusters, cryomaceration on the skins to extract fruit aromas and varietal characteristics of the pecorino grape, followed by static cold-settling of the must, then controlled-temperature fermentation and maturation in stainless steel.
Colour: A rich straw yellow with greenish highlights.
Nose: The bouquet is delicately floral, with accompanying notes of citrus and tropical fruit.
Taste A generous-sized palate offers rich, full flavours that are vibrant and crisp, and the finish displays the classic note of almond.
The name Pecorino means “little sheep” and is perhaps more widely associated with Pecorino cheese, which is made from ewes’ milk and is entirely unrelated, save for its etymological link. The grape is so called supposedly because it was a favorite treat for flocks of sheep driven to lower pastures.
Pecorino wine & Pecorino cheese
Pecorino cheese is an extremely food pairing for Pecorino wine.
🍷 Food pairings for Pecorino wines include:
• Pecorino cheese and walnut bread
• Steamed white fish with ginger
• Chicken thighs with roasted red pepper and onion
🍇🍷The ETICHETTA NERA Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, the historic winery label.
🌱 Montepulciano is a classic, Italian wine grape and one of the most widely planted grapes in the country. The grapes make deep red wines and are adaptable to traditional or modern winemaking styles.
🔸️The legendary Italian wine variety Montepulciano is presented in a famous way in the production of one of the most invested wines in Italy from the oldest winery in the Abruzzo region – PIETRANTONJ.
Italo Pietrantonj ETICHETTA NERA Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, the historical label of the winery.
Country: Italy
Region: Abruzzo
Grape variety: 100% Montepulciano
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Vinification: from mid to late October. Aging of the wine between 6 and 8 months in oak barrels – 40 hectoliters.
Sophistication of the bottle.
Color: deep ruby with purple and orange reflections.
Characteristics: On the nose, great classic, with blackberry and cherry jam, combined with sweet tobacco and chocolate flakes and freshly roasted coffee. Spicy in the bouquet, harmonious ruby red wine with pomegranate accents, typical for the nose with notes of cherries and berries. The taste undoubtedly has a good structure, which is soft and slightly tanned.
Food pairings: this wine is an ideal partner for red meat and game dishes.
Serving temperature: 18 ° C
Contains sulfites
Black label Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Doc 2012 Pietrantonj
🌷 Happy International Women’s Day: 8-th of March 2021! ❤
Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog presents:
🍷Wine & Women 🌸
PIETRANTONJ Winery – the most ancient winery in Abruzzo, Italy 🇮🇹
Pietrantonj boasts a history of more than 200 years, with its complex fabric of passionate commitment, traditions, and innovation.
The story of the famous winery Pietrantonj from the region of Abruzzo, Italy is presented by the latest generation of women running the family business – Mrs. Roberta, who shares with fans of the Mediterranean Gourmet Catalog:
„The secure documentation dates back as early as 1791, testifying to the activities of our family, which have always focused on viticulture and agriculture.”
Fully eight generations of the family have engaged in wine-making activities on the estates in Vittorito and Corfinio, located in the heart of the Valle Peligna, the birthplace of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape variety and the production center, from the Roman era on wards, of noble and celebrated wines.
The estates comprise today a total of 100 hectares (247 Acres), 60 (148 Acres) of which are in vineyard.
The grapes 🍇 are processed in the family’s historic cellars located in the center of the small medieval hamlet of Vittorito.
The estate vineyards 🌱 constitute the first step of the wine making process, and the cellars the final destination, a procedure rich in tradition and commitment, taking place still in the most ancient winery in Abruzzo, a vocation that represents and sums up the entire history of all the preceding generations, expert winemakers who have lived and labored in that noble profession.
Pietrantonj produces an impressive range of wines, of reds, cerasuolos, and whites. These wines are carefully styled to accurately reflect the growing terroir that is unique to each and to reflect the tastes and the demands for natural and approachable wines that today’s markets reflect

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